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5 Reasons to Hire a Pet Attendant for Your Wedding

Considering hiring a Pet Attendant for your wedding, but unsure if it's the right decision? Here are 5 reasons for why you should hire a Pet Attendant that you might not have considered.

Outdoor wedding celebration with a couple, their guests, and their dog during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo Credit: No Rules Photography

  1. Take the burden and stress off yourself, family members, and friends. While it might be cheaper (or free) to have a family member or friend take care of your pet during your wedding, it's not in your pet's or guest's best interest. By having a wedding guest tend to your pet during the wedding, your guest won't get to enjoy your special day. Instead, they'll be focused on your pet, or, even worse, their attention will be divided between the wedding and your pet, resulting in neither getting the focus that is needed and deserved. The biggest benefit to having a Pet Attendant at your wedding is peace of mind. Because of all of the advanced planning and communication, you won't have to worry about your pet because you'll know they are being cared for.

  2. Reduce your pet's stress on the big day. Big events can be stressful for pets. Even if your wedding is at your house or in your backyard, the addition of more people, loud sounds, and a disruption to their routine can be stressful for them. By having a Pet Attendant at your wedding, they can keep an eye on how your pet is reacting and pay attention to their body language throughout the event to know if they are enjoying their day or need some space. After getting a better sense of how you're looking to incorporate your pet into your wedding, I'll build out an agenda for your pet on the big day. This will include walks and engagement activities before to get any "stress energy" out before being involved in the day. Similarly, they'll receive breaks throughout the duration of the event, so they can have quiet time and decompress.

  3. Have a dedicated person to monitor your pet's behavior. If you're concerned about your dog barking throughout your ceremony or jumping on guests, a Pet Attendant is perfect for your wedding. You'll have a dedicated person who will manage and monitor your pet throughout the duration you choose. You won't have to worry about your pet peeing on linens, since your Pet Attendant will ensure that they have potty breaks before the event and throughout the night. If grandma is afraid of dogs, you can let your Pet Attendant know who to steer clear of when your fur baby is meeting guests. Recently, when I was a Pet Attendant working with Dakota at a backyard wedding, his owners had concerns about him barking during the ceremony, since he barked during the rehearsal the night before. His owners also gave me a heads up about his intense sniffing of people he met and a warning for when meeting people who might be wearing knee length or shorter dresses or skirts. Prior to the ceremony, Dakota and I took a long walk through the woods to get out energy, and guests were arriving by the time we returned home. Dakota was able to see people in his backyard, and I walked him around while he was on leash, so he could get adjusted. As the ceremony began, Dakota and I waited off to the side, where he received treats for staying quiet. He was fully relaxed leading up to his big moment. When it was his time to shine during the ceremony, he walked nicely and brought the rings to his humans. Everyone clapped loudly for him! There was no barking before, during, or after the ceremony, and he didn't sniff any person too intensely.

  4. The little things won't be forgotten. Your Pet Attendant's sole focus is your pet, so the little things won't be forgotten. Your pet will get potty breaks, on-leash exercise, and hydration throughout the day. If your wedding overlaps with your pet's meals, your dog will be fed and happy. Do they have medications that are required to be taken at a specific time? Your Pet Attendant is there to help! Their routine won't be too disrupted. Your Pet Attendant will also be managing the logistics of your dog's day. They'll make sure your pet is on time for their photos, whether that's at the First Look or after the ceremony, and they'll coordinate with you and/or your Wedding Planner in advance, so your pet is on time if they're participating in your ceremony.

  5. You won't need to worry about how your pet is getting to and from the venue. When adding on transportation, you know your pet will make it safely to the wedding and back home. Your Pet Attendant will coordinate with you and/or your Wedding Planner on when to arrive to ensure that your pet has arrived on time and adjusted to a new location with new smells. If your pet isn't staying for the entire ceremony and needs to be dropped off back home or to their Pet Hotel, your Pet Attendant is able to make sure they get there safely.

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