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4 Ways to Incorporate Your Pet into Your Wedding

So you've decided to include your pet in your wedding! Now it's time to figure out how exactly you want to incorporate them into your special day. How involved they are and for how long will depend on your pet, their personality, and their temperament. It's worth noting that weddings can be stressful for pets, so even though you may have a plan in place, it may need to change day of. That's okay!

Here are a few ideas on how to include them in your wedding.

Dog looking up at owners after delivering rings for the wedding ceremony.
Photo Credit: No Rules Photography
  1. Photos: Incorporating your pet in your wedding day photos can be a beautiful moment. Whether you're bringing them out to include them in the family photos or having an intentional "first look" with your pet, you'll want to document the moment to look back on for years to come. Prior to your wedding, you'll want to discuss this with your Pet Attendant, so they can assist in managing your pet during the photos, and your photographer, so they can carve out the dedicated time to document the moment with your pets.

  2. Ring Bearer/"Flower Floof": Do you want to give your pet the important job of delivering your rings? Things to consider when doing this- where will the rings be? In the photo to the right, Dakota delivered the rings, accompanied by one of the couple's friends. He had the rings attached to his harness with a carabiner in a small turquoise bag. The rings could easily get lost, depending on how active your pet is, so if you go this route, wait until the last possible minute to attach the rings. Maybe you want your pet to be a "Flower Floof" and bring some flowers down the aisle (or escort the person who is doing so). It may be difficult for your pet to sprinkle flowers, but consider dressing up their leash and/or harness to include flowers, foliage, greenery, or other decor that aligns with this part of your wedding.

  3. Escorted Down the Aisle: Perhaps you want to your pet to walk you down the aisle! If you have a dog, you'll want to think about if your dog is a puller, and how to train them in advance so they don't pull you. After you walk down the aisle, what will your pet do? Will they stay up at the altar with you? If so, who will handle them? Will your Pet Attendant collect your pet and escort them to the back of the wedding or to a calm space?

  4. Standing at the Altar: Rather than having your pet escorted down the aisle, perhaps you want them already standing at the altar for when you walk down the aisle. If this is more your jam, consider how long your ceremony will be and if they will stand there the entire time. Who will be handling them while they're up there?

There's no right or wrong way to include your pet in your wedding. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate them, you'll want to communicate with your Pet Attendant, your Photographer (if applicable) and your Wedding Coordinator in advance, so they can help execute your vision.

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